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I Liq Chuan

The origins of I Liq Chuan is the cumulation of centuries of secret Hakka martial arts (‘Kung Fu or Kuntao’).

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About Grandmaster Dr. Jimmy Heow

GM Jimmy Heow, co-founder of I Liq Chuan is considered a living legend in the martial arts community due to his amazing abilities and achievements. During the 80-90’s, he is famously known as the Tai Chi ‘Subduer/Nemesis’ (太极克星)when he openly challenge in the media for anyone in the push hand competition. Skilled exponents locally and abroad such as Taiwan, China, Hongkong, Singapore representing famous Tai Chi schools came to challenge yet GM Jimmy Heow was undefeated, deservingly earning him the nickname. Even so, GM Jimmy Heow’s passion for the art has led him to continuously evolve and refine his martial art skills to an even higher level today despite growing in age. He is the creator of the original 21 Movement Form 二十一式 (1986) that is practiced in I Liq Chuan worldwide today.

True Martial Arts
Grandmaster Jimmy Heow

Why I Liq Chuan?

The Art of Discovering Life-long Balance and Power

Health Enhancement

Physical Body (External) and Mind (Internal) Training which promotes overall health & vitality. Age is not a factor and everyone will benefit from practising ILC.

Realizing Potential

Develop Greater Awareness and Overcome Limitations of Human Potential.
Strengthen Your Mind-Body Connection and Enhance Your Optimal Kinesiology (Movement Mechanics).

Self Defence

Learn this unique martial arts system which helps you find balance, power & relaxation, progressively builds you up to handle faster / stronger opponents without relying just on brute force & speed.

Cultivate Longevity

Through ILC practice, we are able to continuously evolve and refine ourselves - physically (skills and body) , mentally (mindset & belief) and spiritually (intangible energy & inner essence).


Nov 2, 2019, Austria

ILC Seminar


For registration & more information, please contact

Sifu Franz Widhalm

0650 / 944 23 67

austria iliqchuan

6-7th April 2019, London UK


Wuji I Liq Chuan Seminar,

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